About ZR Group

We are an engine of growth and opportunity for all our businesses and the communities we serve in the Middle East and Europe



Founded by Teddy and Raymond Rahmeh in 2005, ZR Group was built upon the family’s early success of establishing and scaling logistics and catering companies. ZR Group then expanded into the vital public services of water treatment and power generation. The company now has a portfolio spanning more than ten sectors, charting new paths for Lebanon’s entrepreneurs to succeed in the global economy.

ZR Group continues to invest, innovate and expand into new industries and services. In the face of turbulent markets and periods of uncertainty, ZR Group has seen significant growth in recent years, becoming an engine of long-lasting growth and opportunity.

Headquartered in Beirut, ZR Group has today grown to encompass businesses offering a wide array of products and services. This includes energy, finance, telecommunications, information technology, logistics & support, trading & commerce, aviation, airfield services, hospitality management, catering and media.

Our Mission

We are deeply committed to Lebanon, investing in our businesses and the communities we serve at home and abroad, creating new jobs and opportunities.

As a leading Lebanese multinational, ZR Group drives job creation and provides opportunities by investing in the communities we serve at home and abroad. Derived from successfully bridging multiple sectors, our business strategy is grounded in diverse expertise and a long-term investment horizon. This bolsters ZR Group’s position as an investor in the market and fosters wider economic growth.

Teddy and Raymond Rahmeh remain deeply committed to Lebanon’s economic growth and recovery. ZR Group will continue to grow to support Lebanon. Teddy and Raymond’s accomplished track record is a result of a commitment to invest with purpose. This has prompted ZR Group’s portfolio to continuously grow and thrive in a wide array of services, markets and geographies.