We are deeply committed to Lebanon, investing in a better future and supporting charities that ensure our communities thrive


ZR Group's Charitable Work

The Rahmeh family is deeply committed to Lebanon’s economic growth and recovery, supporting charities that ensure our communities thrive. ZR Group has demonstrated a commitment to communities in Lebanon through our support of arts and culture, sport, community organisations and other charities.

The Rahmeh brothers dedicate much of their time to charitable ventures, including making significant donations to health and development across Lebanon such as Children Care Cancer, the Red Cross and other organisations.

Festival of Cedars

The Rahmeh family and ZR Group are committed sponsors of the Festival of Cedars which has played host to world-renowned artists such as Andrea Bocelli and Shakira.

The festival is held in Teddy and Raymond’s hometown, Bsharri, in northern Lebanon. The Rahmeh family are very proud of Bsharri’s cultural and artistic heritage. Supporting the festival of the Cedars is their way of celebrating the town’s deep-rooted traditions.