ZR Group Sectors

We offer products and services in more than ten sectors, from critical infrastructure to business services, in over fifteen countries


ZR Group encompasses businesses offering a wide array of products and services, including energy & finance, telecommunications, information technology, logistics & support, trading & commerce, aviation, airfield services, hospitality management, catering and media.

The expertise and enthusiasm of ZR Group’s people ensures we will continue to expand into new sectors, markets and geographies, to achieve Teddy and Raymond Rahmeh’s vision of bolstering Lebanon’s domestic economy and its position globally.


Catering was one of ZR Group’s early success stories. ZR Group provides catering services to public institutions, including local and regional governments, healthcare institutions, schools and universities and military bases throughout Iraq and the Middle East.

Our company CuiZina offers luxury fine dining catering services in Lebanon, Dubai, the wider Middle East and Europe. CuiZina caters for large scale events, private gatherings, weddings and more.


Operating throughout the Middle East, ZR Group’s logistics arm specialises in the transportation, warehousing and storage of a variety of products ranging from consumer goods to medical equipment, delivering the vital goods we all rely on.

Alongside catering, Teddy and Raymond Rahmeh found early success in the sector and the logistics business catapulted ZR Group on its way to becoming the multinational corporation it is today.


ZR Group provides services for telecoms operators in the Middle East and Africa. The company also offers a range of services such as tracking, technology and software development.

ZR Group’s telecoms arm is an approved service provider for telecoms infrastructure and owner-operator of fibre optic networks.

Real Estate

ZR Group’s real estate business specialises in commercial and residential real estate development, management and brokerage in the Middle East and beyond. Our real estate operations include apartment property management, commercial real estate property management, property development, commercial real estate brokerage and residential real estate brokerage.


ZR Group's financial network allows our clients to access foreign markets via financial institutions throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the US.

Hospitality management

We own and operate the Faqra Resort, the elite Residential Summer and Winter Resort in Lebanon. The resort has access to private ski slopes, horse-riding, a swimming pool, football pitches, tennis and basketball courts and much more. With a rich history that spans decades, the Faqra Club embodies the height of living.